Title:HuiDesign -- visit website
Type: Full flash website
Description:My first online portfolio. Light, neat, and elegant, it was one of only five finalists in the Facebook 2007 Web Design Competition. See the details at: http://www.webdesignerindex.org
Title:Simple as Coffee -- visit website
Type: E-commerce based on ZenCart
Description: An e-commerce website selling coffee machines based on the popular ZenCart Store Management System, which allows multiple languages, Paypal integration, and includes a fully-functional back-end administration interface.
Title:Sinful Beauty Store -- visit website
Type: E-commerce website based on Zencart
Description:An e-commerce website selling cosmetics based on the ZenCart Store Management System. The layout is neat, striking, and feminious.
Title:Hero Mortgage -- visit website
Type:Static Website
Description: The style is professional, neat and clean. A typical business website with RSS feed which lists latest blog posts.
Title:Happiness eh! -- visit website
Type: Static pages+ flash animation
Description:An atypical business layout with an asymmetrical design, a curved frame, a warm color scheme and lively flash animations that express the bright subject matter of the site. Static pages with flash animation is an ideal solution for small business, are good for SEO, and have a little flair, too!
Title:Hurried Life -- visit website
Type: Flash intro + Static pages + flash banner
Description:The style is sober, smart and clean. A typical business website, the horizontal drop down menu, flash top banner and balanced design make it seem professional without being boring.
Title:Global Cigar -- visit website
Type: Static pages + flash banner
Description:An otherwise typical business site, but with a realistic flash animation of smoke rising in the upper-right corner which activates the whole layout.
Title:Law Office Website -- visit website
Type: Static pages + flash banner
Description:A typical business site which took more expertise than is immediately evident; the realistic shadows for the various components required PNG images as background, which requires a special technique in order to render properly in Internet Explorer 6.
Title:My little guidebook to very BIG dreams -- visit website
Type: Static website with Flash intro
Description:This site advertises a hand-drawn vision book. The site mimics the style of the book, integrates the author's original illustrations, and uses CSS and Flash to not only sell a book, but tell a story!
Title:Chinese Community -- visit website
Type:Joomla website + flash banner
Description:This site uses the popular CMS Joomla, integrating several additional plug-ins to suit the client's needs. The contemporary but distinctively Chinese style highlights the connection between the city of Montreal and the Chinese community. The cleint said the design was "love at first sight".
Title:Split Watch -- visit website
Type: Static pages + Flash + Dynamic navigation
Description: The client wanted the website to be colorful, cute, and cartoonish; he was very pleased with the result. The menu animation mimics the stylish dock from the Mac Operating System.
Title:Charles Wainman Sculpture -- visit website
Type: Full flash website
Description: This website was designed for a freelance sculptor based in Montreal. He wanted a flash website to highlight his work in a simple and elegant way. The design is chic, but subtle and unintrusive, so as not to steal the focus from the artist's work. The result was exactly what the client was looking for.
Title:Claude Cassagnol Caterer's -- visit website
Type: Static pages + Flash
Description:Designed for a Carterer in New York, the style is warm, graceful and welcoming. Don't be fooled by it's apparent simplicity: semi-transparent blocks, a stylish javascript scrollbar, and SiFR dynamic font replacement are each subtly involved in creating the overall effect.
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